Some people think walking into a gym can be intimidating. Meatheads slamming weights, grunting, and chugging brightly colored liquids. In my opinion, yoga classes are more intimidating than anything. You have to show up early wearing flip flops with your own yoga mat. The the door is closed, the lights are off and it smells weird.

So I just end up doing yoga at home. Many beginners may prefer to learn yoga by themselves and this post is for you. The best resource for learning yoga at home is a YouTube Channel “Yoga with Adrienne”. There are a million You tubers out there cranking out yoga for weight loss or yoga for strength but I think there are more important factors to consider when choosing a yoga instruction. Yoga with Adrienne has a ton of detailed yoga videos for every occasion or result desired. The host is knowledgeable, professional, and humble. You will find yourself cursing Adrienne for convincing you into positions you never knew you could attain. But she is great about offering alternate poses and reminding you not to get discouraged if you are not able to reproduce a perfect yoga pose.

Of course, practicing yoga in the privacy of your own home significantly reduces the stress of learning a new skill among a bunch of strangers. But Yoga with Adrienne offers a library of free Yoga lessens that, if used regularly, will improve your health and life. I cannot recommend this YouTube channel enough. Give it a try and let me know what you think.